Embrace: Taryn Brumfitt

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Director of Embrace, Taryn Brumfitt joined us and spoke about her new documentary and how she has inspired women all over the world to love their bodies.

Taryn's New Initiative - The Race to Embrace

Women across the world feel like they can’t compete with the seemingly ‘Perfect bodies’ that surround them on social media, in magazines and advertisements. This has created a global epidemic of body loathing and has left countless women feeling helpless and alone, but with the Body Image Movement it doesn’t have to be that way.

Embrace is a new documentary that delves into why so many women hate their bodies and what we can do about it. We believe in the power and value of this film so much that we are giving you $10 to watch it for free. Purchase and download Embrace now on us.

Watch EMBRACE and pass it on! This ain’t any old race, this is a relay race. As soon as you finish Embrace and soak in its life-changing message, you’ll know that someone else needs to begin. So pass this $10 baton on to a person that needs to Embrace.

See who the race has already begun in New York City starting with “Good Morning America” host Ginger Zee by clicking here.

To begin the race click here.

Embrace: My Story from Body Loather to Body Lover

From crying in despair on the bathroom floor to stepping out in stripper heels onto a brightly lit bodybuilding stage, Taryn Brumfitt has had one hell of a journey from body loather to body lover... and she's ready to share it in EMBRACE. After posting a less than traditional 'before' and 'after' photo on social media in 2013, not even Taryn could have anticipated the attention it would gain worldwide in the media, propelling her Body Image Movement into the hearts and homes of millions in Australia to the U.S. and every country in between. With support from celebrities including Ashton Kutcher, Rosie O'Donnell and Zooey Deschanel, along with millions of men and women in over 100 countries, Taryn's brand of honest and witty storytelling will have you both in stitches and in tears. From losing her brother to a heroin addiction and being bullied at school, to embarrassing (yet let's face it, relatable!) toilet tales, EMBRACE will challenge you to reconsider the relationship you have with your body, but above all, will inspire you to embrace a life without boundaries so that you too can love the skin you're in.