Broth Bowls


Professional Chef Tressa Yellig showed us how to make delicious and healthy Broth Bowls. For a link to Tressa and her blog, CLICK HERE.

Basic Bone Broth Recipe

  • About 1 pound of mixed bones/quart of purified water
  • vegetables and herbs for flavor
  • splash of vinegar (cider, red or white wine, rice, or lemon juice)
  1. Place the bones (knuckle, marrow, blade, etc) in a medium stock pot and add water to cover
  2. Mix in the splash of apple cider vinegar and allow to sit at room temp 1 hour (if there is a bunch of meat on the bones, roast them first for flavor)
  3. Bring the pot up to a gentle simmer (~ 180? F) and allow to continue for 8-72 hours
  4. Add the vegetables in the middle of your cooking time
  5. Strain out the bones, vegetables and herbs, allow to cool, and package as you like

Components of Bone Broth

  • Marrow/Minerals – calcium, magnesium, potassium, phosphorus, silicon, sulphur and trace minerals
  • Cartilage (Gelatin/Collagen) –aids digestion, treats Colitis, Crohn’s disease, Anemia,
  • Blood disorders, diabetes, muscular dystrophy, cancer, arthritis (chondroitin sulphates and glucosamine), osteoporosis Hyperacidity


  • hydrophilic…attracts digestive juices to cooked foods, essential to digestion
  • contains amino acids ( arginine and glycine)
  • helps prevent and mitigate infectious disease
  • thrifty use of miscellaneous parts minimizes waste
  • soothes the nervous system


• Fish (particularly the heads, source of iodine and thyroid) as a folk remedy to support virility also great for any thyroid concern including weight gain, heart disease, inability to concentrate and depression (all symptoms of deficient thyroid)

• Lamb – the neck bones and ribs are especially delicious and make the best gelatin

• Venison- use meat and bones, including the antler and feet if possible

• Chicken (traditional remedy for asthma, colds and flu) – best to use backs, feet and heads and leftover carcasses from dinner

• Pork – often overlooked, this makes for a mild and deliciously sweet broth, be sure to include the skin

Bone Broths can be used for…

-sauces (gravy or reduction)*

-a base for soups and stews

-liquid to cook beans and grains

-simple tonic, also used during fasting and detoxification

*be warned about using commercial gelatins as they contain trace amounts of MSG

Towshend Letter on Bone Broth: by Dr. Allison Siebecker