50 Ways to Love Your Liver


Holistic Practitioner & Author of Bloody Marys, Judy Bennett talked about the ways to love your liver. Here's a link to learn more about Judy.

  • The liver has over 500 jobs to do. Basically it filters everything you consume, inhale, or absorb through your skin. It also manufactures proteins, hormones, and enzymes that allow you to digest your food. It balances your blood sugar. Your liver is what converts sunlight to vitamin D. In our grandparents' day, livers managed their workloads just fine; but today, our livers are overloaded because of certain lifestyle choices that I'll talk about in a few minutes.
  • Symptoms of an unhappy liver:
  • Excess belly fat - that's caused by a buildup of toxins.
  • Fatigue - from lowered oxygen levels and increased waste products circulating through your blood.
  • Dry eyes.
  • Joint pain.
  • Personality changes - toxins eventually reach your brain, causing forgetfulness, trouble concentrating, even depression. In Chinese medicine, the liver is associated with anger, aggression, and risk taking. If you notice an uptick in your road rage, your liver might be out of balance.
  • Here are some things we can do to love our liver:
  • Food -- livers love things like citrus fruits, leafy green vegetables, beets, and ginger. Livers hate sugar, too much animal protein, and cheap artificial ingredients.
  • Sleep -- the liver repairs itself between 11 pm and 3 am, so sleeping during that time is good.
  • Exercise -- if you're doing cardio a few times a week, your skin and lungs are taking care of some of your body's detoxification process. If not, your liver is forced to do it all. Also, yoga poses such as the spinal twist and the bridge help nourish the liver.
  • Hydration -- helps keep those other detoxification pathways open too.
  • Nontoxic products -- obviously, it's just as important to stop unnecessary toxins coming in as it is to flush them out. This is why it was so important to me when I developed my bottled Bloody Mary mix that it have no chemical thickeners, preservatives, or flavors: it's all natural.
  • You can start to see how little impact alcohol has in the scheme of things, when there are so many other ways to pamper your liver!