Halloween Fashion Show with a Celebrity Twist!


Personal Stylist, Robin Allen showed us her top favorite ways to keep super chic and not too scary for the parties or trick-or-treating tonight with the kiddos! Click here for more information about Robin.

Here are my TOP favorite ways to keep your style SUPER CHIC for the spooky season!

1. Keep your silhouettes classic but go bold with the textures! The perfect example of this is a motorcycle jacket in velveteen, a bomber jacket in faux fur or even a pencil skirt in suede. This is the best trick to try new trends in a safe way! Then when you have gotten the hang of the trend you REALLY like, you can get a little more wild with silhouettes but until then keep it classic!

2. Conservative can be Cool! Now, take it from Wednesday Addams, conservative never looked so chic. How'd she pull it off without revealing a thing? Confidence is the key combined with some wicked details! Her crisp white collar, her black knit stockings and her fierce hairstyle pulled it altogether. So, when covering up make sure the length of your garment is correct, the styling is on point and that the look is still uniquely You and not a catalog copy. Remember, when everything's covered up, it's your personality that is revealed!!

3. Easy Chic. Lara Croft of the Tomb Raider series is a perfect example of how a well-fitted outfit can change not only the way you look at yourself but how others perceive you as well! Lara is an adventurer which means all of her clothing needs to functional, breathable, sleek, simple and comfortable. The way it stays chic is how you put it altogether. So, when buying simple pieces such as a tank top or t-shirt and jeans make sure you buy them in high quality fabrics, that they fit Your particular lifestyle and that they are made well so they can be a timeless piece in your closet for a long time to come!

4. The Creative Type. Ok, so not all of us want to be in the spotlight...not even a little so when it comes to style for the naturally low key types it can be awesomely...oh yes, creative, super original and completely....comfy! I say "play"! Layer your pleated skirt over your leather leggings with a shear button down blouse with a big chunky crop sweater over it finished off with some combat boots and a huge pendant necklace and a hat!! you try it! Yep, this is where I encourage to open your mind up and TRY some new combos of your clothes...make sure of course whatever you come up with makes sense to the environment you're in...i.e. work vs. play! Now, GO HAVE FUN!!