Healing with Yoga Sun Salutations

sun sal.png

Whatever challenges you're facing right now, chances are a yoga sun salutation can help. Yoga and Ballet Instructor, Satya, stopped by to show and tell us more.

1. Sun salutation to honor the light within (to cultivate our own inner wisdom and light)

The sun is the light of our own consciousness, the light of the world and our own inner world. To cultivate and honor that light is to practice the asana sequence, The Sun Salutation.

2. Sun salutation for the heart (to find our own truth)

The purpose of bringing the hands together at the heart has deep symbolic meaning, for in yoga only the heart can know the truth. As we move through the sun salutation, we are bringing awareness to this truth through the movement and mindfulness of opening the heart, becoming closer to what is our intuitive truth within ourselves.

3. Sun salutation for Meditation (for balancing the breath and slowing the heart rate)

The sequence of the sun salutation is in essence to honor the light of our own truth. We can make each movement as mindful and precise as possible, allowing each and every breath to move us into deeper meditation and mindfulness.