How to Find Meaningful Work


Career Coach and Astrologer, Aubrie De Clerck, uses astrology to help her clients find meaningful work and she can help us too. She stopped by to tell us more.

How each of us can find what’s meaningful to us:

  • We often believe that “meaning” is defined societally. Some people call this giving back, and assume we need to be working for the public good, in a non-profit or the like. It can absolutely mean that if we want to do that kind of work, but meaningful is actually what is fulfilling to *us*, giving our gifts as fully as we can - regardless of sector or role.
  • Getting curious is the A#1 one to explore this (coaches believe the client has the knowing inside of themselves, it’s the coach’s role to ask good questions to help the client access the answers). Personal reflection is very helpful. Think about when you were most proud, in your personal and work life. Ask yourself some additional questions to really understand what is happening there.

Our astrology can give us some key words to start with if we are looking at the Sun:

  • Scorpio - going to the places other people are uncomfortable, able to hear what is underneath the words of what someone is saying, investigating things. I have a Scorpio colleague that consults with organizations and she loves going for what the org doesn’t want people to see, and help them transform it. She isn’t easily shocked and isn’t afraid to ditch what isn’t working. Work is meaningful to her if she gets to the root of a problem, truly connects with people.
  • Capricorn - making a plan, creating tangible outcomes, taking on responsibility, achieving. A client who is a Capricorn who is interested in affecting things at a strategy level - visibility doesn’t bother her, and she has a great sense of what moves things forward. She is an incredibly hard worker, and takes her work seriously. She is seen and respected as a leader for her ability to keep people on track and provides a grounding presence.
  • There’s parts of the chart that give us clues as to what might provide meaning. So we can think of it in a couple of steps - a Cancer sun (who wants to help people) might want to do that differently if their sun was in the 11th house (community, egalitarian beliefs, groups) than if it is in the 5th house (creativity, playfulness). The first might end up being a mediator and the other an Art Therapist. Or the first could be an HR Professional and the second someone who helps people start businesses. It’s really just a starting place, as the chart has *lots* of clues to this.