Ways to Make a Sleep-Friendly Nursery


Certified Sleep Expert, Lauren Olson talked to Tra'Renee about ways to make your nursery sleep-friendly. Click here for more information about Lauren.

Steps to a Sleep-Friendly Nursery:

  1. Age suggested when to move baby out of parents room
  2. Crib Suggestions- no bumpers, baby on back to sleep, nothing in crib, mattress settings & hand me down cribs
  3. White Noise- going continuously on low rumbling setting
  4. Dark Room- especially for Early Risers and naps
  5. Swaddle or Sleep Sack, how to dress baby comfortably in room, one layer or 68-72 degrees Fahrenheit
  6. Lovey/Security Items over 12+ months
  7. When to move to a Toddler Bed, minimum age is 2.5 years, minimize toys in room, bolt furniture to walls, etc. (safety)
  8. Reminders: Have a good routine, stay consistent, united front and lots of love & praise for good sleep manners!