Women's Fishing Forum


Fishing Expert, Renee Johnson showed Kara Mack how to cast to catch the "big one"! At the Women's Fishing Forum, Renee Johnson will share her story on how she got started and how fishing’s changed her life. Her story is powerful and a wonderful roadmap for other women looking to start fishing. Lacey DeWeert will share her insights on equipment and what’s needed. Matching the right gear to the fish is essential in getting the most out of the experience. Valerie Fulleton will share her knowledge on various riggings for steelhead fishing. Many of these riggings are easily adapted to trout and other species. And Ashley Nichole Lewis will discuss reading water and where to find fish in rivers and streams.

The Pacific Northwest Sportsmen’s Show is pleased to announce the first Women’s Fishing Forum to be held in the “Blue Theater” seminar room in D Hall at the Portland Expo Center, Thursday, February 8th from 7PM to 9PM.

The vision of this forum is to reach out to women of all fishing skill levels, new to enthusiasts, with a women’s-only event, designed to get women started fishing and provide a network and contacts for women already involved.