A Heart for Adoption

A heart for children without homes led Richard Probasco, the founder and leader of Portland's New Song Community Church, challenge convention and adopt four orphans across race and international lines. The Probascos added four boys to their "homegrown" family of two girls including Peter and Pavel from Romania. Pavel and Peter, didn't speak English when they arrived in Portland after four years of international wrangling to get them out of the orphanage where Pastor Richard first met them while on a mission trip. Although a local Romanian woman tutored the Probascos before the twins' arrival, language barriers and foreign customs made the transition to America challenging (and sometimes downright amusing!) Probasco, along with 28 others, founded New Song Community Church in 1977. The church has grown to over 500 and is active in international ministries and overseas mission projects.

Pastor Probasco will share his extraordinary adoption journey at the annual Christian Family Adoptions (CFA) outreach event on Friday, October, 25th at GracePointe Community Church, 10750 SE 42nd Ave in Milwaukie at 7:00 pm. The event is free to attend!

Founded in 1950, Christian Family Adoptions works to match foster children with permanent families. The agency also coordinates infant , international and independent adoptions and the highly successful African- American Infant Adoption program.