Hundreds of Interlaced Fingers

Hundreds of Interlaced Fingers.JPG
Hundreds of Interlaced Fingers.JPG

She's one of the few women of color in nephrology. But her journey into the specialty wasn't smooth and came from a personal place. Vanessa Grubbs, MD, author of the new book Hundreds of Interlaced Fingers, joined us to share her inspiring story and in the process, hopefully inspire us to become organ donors.

In April 2005, after just nine months of dating, Vanessa volunteered to donate her left kidney to Robert, who had been on dialysis for nearly five years when they met. When Vanessa discovered she was a match, she underwent intensive surgery to save her beloved’s life. From that moment on, she had a new fascination with the kidney and a forever bond with Robert, who would soon thereafter become her husband. Far from a prototypical romance story, this life-affirming experience forged an inimitable bond between Vanessa and Robert and became the catalyst for her new career. Motivated by Robert's experience and her newfound knowledge, Vanessa became a nephrologist—a kidney doctor—and discovered far more about the realities of the specialty.

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