Jason Rekulak "The Impossible Fortress"

impossible fortress.png

Jason Rekulak’s The Impossible Fortress begins with a magazine. The year is 1987 and Playboy has just published scandalous photographs of Vanna White. For three teenage boys desperately uneducated in the ways of women, the magazine is somewhat of a Holy Grail: priceless beyond measure and impossible to attain. So, they hatch a plan to steal it. A dazzling debut, The Impossible Fortress is both a charming romance and a moving coming-of-age story – a tender exploration of young love, true friends, and the confusing realities of male adolescence.

Jason Rekulak is the publisher of Quirk Books, where he has acquired a dozen New York Times bestsellers. Some of his most notable acquisitions at Quirk include Pride and Prejudice and Zombies and the YA fantasy novel series Miss Peregrine s Home for Peculiar Children.