New Biography on Late Night Giant David Letterman

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It's a revealing look at one of the greatest television talk show hosts of all time! New York Times comedy critic Jason Zinoman joined us to talk about Letterman: The Last Giant of Late Night, his new biography of David Letterman. In a career spanning more than thirty years, Letterman redefined the modern talk show with an ironic comic style that transcended traditional television.

While he remains one of the most famous stars in America, he is a remote, even reclusive, figure whose career is widely misunderstood. In Letterman, Jason mixes groundbreaking reporting with unprecedented access and probing critical analysis to explain the unique entertainer’s titanic legacy. Moving from his early days in Indiana to his retirement, Jason goes behind the scenes of Letterman’s television career to illuminate the origins of his revolutionary comedy, its overlooked influences, and how his work intersects with and reveals his famously eccentric personality.

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