"The Greatest Story Ever Told--So Far"

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Why are we here? No "us" but life in general. In a landmark, unprecedented work of scientific history, Lawrence Krauss, author of the new book The Greatest Story Ever Told--So Far heads to the furthest reaches of space and time, to scales so small they are invisible to microscopes, to the birth and rebirth of light, and into the natural forces that govern our existence. His unique blend of rigorous research and engaging storytelling invites us into the lives and minds of the remarkable, creative scientists who have helped to unravel the unexpected fabric of reality—with reason rather than superstition and dogma.

  • Book Event for The Greatest Story Ever Told--So Far
  • Sunday, April 2 at 7:30pm
  • Powell's City of Books, 1005 West Burnside, Portland

For more information, visit Lawrence's website.