"Turning Homeward"

turning homeward.png

Adrienne Ross Scanlan, Author of Turning Homeward, and Daniel Newberry, Executive Director of Johnson Creek Watershed Council, joined us today to share how you can get more involved in the care and repair of nature close to home.

Turning Homeward is set in Washington's urban, suburban, and other "altered" landscapes, it creates an accessible narrative of the complicated joys of rolling up one's sleeves and reaching out to help repair our beautiful, broken world. Scanlan weaves her personal story with the natural history of Puget Sound and the complex issues around urban renewal and river restoration. Turning Homeward speaks to a simple truth spreading through our society: the nature we cherish lives alongside us, and by restoring it, we heal both home and heart.

You can hear more from Adrienne at her book event at 7:30 tonight at Powell's Books located at 3723 SE Hawthorne Blvd in Portland.

To find out more about the Johnson Creek Watershed Council or to volunteer head to