Green Household Hints

In celebration of Earth Day, we featured a number of eco-friendly NEW uses for products already around our house...or in our trash cans. Thank you to all of the viewers who sent in their GREEN ideas!

Arlene from Camas suggests using small "soap scraps" to create an exfoliating body scrubber. Place the "soap scraps" in old panty house or small mesh bags (like the ones that come with fruit in the grocery store). Tie a knot on both ends, and scrub away!

Angie from Oregon City suggests placing stocking fabric over the bristles of a hairbrush. After a while, hairs and hair product build up on the brush. To clean, simply remove the stocking fabric...the hair and "gunk" comes right off as well!

Phil from Hood River wrote in to share how he uses mineral oil to clean cutting boards. After time, bacterias can make their way into the crevices created by knife cuts. Cleaning a kitchen cutting board with mineral oil is a simple, eco-friendly way to clean.

Eileen from Tigard suggests using adhesive carpet runners in the back of the car. On the way home from the grocery store, placing grocery bags on these carpet runners will prevent spills in the car.

Bruce from Tigard found a new use for mouse pads. Use a (non-plastic) mouse pad as a hotplate in the kitchen. This is an especially good idea for when you are hosting large groups of friends for dinner.

Janene from Lake Oswego sent us a suggestion that left us...befuddled. Janene dabs her oil paintings with plain white bread. When you're done...make some toast for the family!

Vernita from Portland shared with us a unique design tip. Rather than tossing an unused flower frog, Vernita suggests using the frog as a picture holder.

And so many viewers shared their new uses for plastic bags....

Patricia from Newburg uses plastic bags as a book cover to prevent spills on her cookbooks.

Didi from Beaverton places plastic bags in the bottom of flower pots. Make sure the plastic bag covers the hold in the bottom of the pot, and simply pour the soil right over the bags.

Isabel from Vancouver always keeps a plastic bag handy in her purse. Great to store wet umbrellas!

Jesse from Fairview ties plastic bags around his knees before heading out to the garden. Very creative!

How do YOU reduce, reuse, and recycle? Let us know! Submit your ideas to