Aging & Brain Health

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Greg Eckel, ND.png

Of the 318 million Americans currently living, 45 million will develop Alzheimer's disease during their lifetimes if nothing is done to prevent and reverse cognitive decline. Loss of mental faculties has become the top concern of aging Americans. Dementia is one of the most significant global healthcare problems, with over 30 million symptomatic individuals, and many more likely to be in the decades long, pre-symptomatic phases (world Alzheimer report, 2009).

In the United States alone, over 5 million people suffer from Alzheimer's disease at an annual cost of $200 billion, and a projection for 13 million patients by 2050. In fact, Alzheimer's disease is now the 3rd leading cause of death in the United States, following only cardiovascular disease and cancer.

Naturopathic Physician Greg Eckel, ND, says the process actually starts decades before you have any symptoms. He joined us today to talk about the state of brain health along with lifestyle and prevention tips .