Glam Makeup Tricks from the Pros

salon secrets.png

They're the style secrets you need to know! Meghan Hamilton, professional makeup artist & esthetician, joined us to share tricks of the trade you can use to save time, money & look GLAM really easily:

  1. Dry Shampoo- I love to use this product daily so I don't have to shampoo and style my hair all the time, but it will help volumize/ take away the look of grease! For dark haired beauties, use it at night before bed and any of the white cast will absorb overnight while you sleep!
  2. Moisturizing & Masking in the shower!- these products are used while the water is still running! Most busy women won't take the time to really pamper themselves daily, but with the lotion you use in the shower, and a hydrating mask you put on while you shave your legs, everyone can look awesome!
  3. Custom Airbrush Tanning- long gone are the days of an orange glow. These days you can fake it with the perfect golden glow which minimizes the need for makeup, makes you look and feel 10 lbs lighter!
  4. Eyelash Extensions- This is the perfect way to wake up and go with that EXTRA glam! The service involves individually gluing on 40-60 lashes on your lash line, so you don't even need mascara and your eyes look awake, fresh and ready. Put on some lip gloss and hit the road!
  5. Root Concealer- Instantly covers gray/ roots for extended color life! Works in seconds.Dries in minutes. Will not run! Washes out with shampoo.