Lend a Helping Hand at Comcast Cares Day

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Comcast Cares Day celebrates 16 years (14 locally) of making change happen. Since its founding in 2001, Comcast Cares Day has evolved from a modest service effort with 6,100 volunteers, to a global program of giving back with more than 100,000 volunteers a year. It is the nation’s largest single-day corporate volunteer effort. Amy Keiter, Director of External Communications for Comcast and Stephanie Murdock, Principal at Hartley Elementary in the Reynolds School District, joined us to talk about the key project this year.

During the event on Saturday, April 22nd, they're hoping to gather 400 volunteers to help at Hartley Elementary School in the Rockwood community. The high-needs school, where 100% of the students receive free breakfast/lunch, will benefit from projects such as landscaping and beautification of the grounds, cleaning classrooms, painting, building a community garden and picnic tables/benches, painting a special mural, improving the playground, and creating custom soccer goal posts.

Comcast Cares Day is a family affair. Volunteering together helps families explore social issues, provides new learning experiences for both children and adults, and is an opportunity to share family values with children. In 2016, one of every five Comcast Cares Day volunteers was under the age of 18.

For more information, visit the Comcast website.