Let Go of Grudges with Ho'o pono pono

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Letting Go of Grudges.png

Certified Pranic Healing Instructor and Practitioner, Liza Burney, says letting go of past regrets can be life changing. She stopped by to share an ancient Hawaiian forgiveness practice called Ho'o pono pono.

I’m sorry … Please forgive me … Thank you … I love you

Why would someone need to do this?

  • Anyone who has a difficult relationship in their life
  • Anyone who has been injured by another person
  • Anyone who has done something regrettable that has hurt (physically or emotionally) another person
  • Without forgiveness practice we tend to recycle or revisit these incidents, which prevents us from moving on with our lives.

Who is it for?

Forgiveness practice is for the person doing the practice, not for the offender. The perceived injury or wrong binds two people together (energetically/emotionally) like a chain. Forgiveness allows the practitioner to break that chain and allows the situation to release. Forgiveness does not condone the act. It acknowledges that people make bad decisions, make mistakes. It unbinds the two people so we can move forward. The other person does not need to know you are doing this practice for it to be effective.

When do they do it? How often?

Anytime is a good time to do this practice. One woman I worked with was in her 70’s and she was still actively engaged in a disagreement with her parents from her childhood – at this time, her mother had passed almost 30 years prior. But she could not let it go. This process helped her re-gain inner peace in her life regarding her mother.

Focus on historical situations first (either with self or other); then can move to present day situations. The goal is to shorten the time between the incident and the forgiveness – 30 years to 30 days to 30 minutes to immediately after the incident, offer forgiveness right away.

We can even do some scanning practice on the show – helps us determine if we still need to keep working on this with a particular person in mind. Activate the palm chakras; scan the heart energy with a neutral mind. Notice where the edge is. Now think of the person, scan the heart energy again. Notice if the edge of the heart energy field got smaller. If it did, there is still some unresolved energy that needs to be cleared.

What results have you seen or heard about?

I've used this simple, yet powerful technique on clients with chronic illness:

We were in a session as I got to work doing the process of clearing the blockages, one energy center was presenting a particular challenge. Nothing I did seemed to have any effect on loosening the stuck energy. Regular technique, advanced technique, super-advanced technique -- nothing budged. So I shifted my approach and began to coach the client in this practice -- which basically a practice of letting go of any old resentments, unresolved angst, grudges that have the effect of binding our energy fields. As he began to say the four phrases silently in his head, the stuck energy started flowing out of the chakra. The blockage had to do with his attachment to holding onto these historic wrongs. The energy balanced up right after that.

I encourage people to make a list of people and do this practice for clearing the energy between themselves and other people. I also encourage people to do this work on themselves. The amount of negative self-talk and put-downs that the average person subjects themselves to is unbelievable. This process allows a person to approach their flaws from a more compassionate perspective and softens the self-criticism. We see people's body position/posture change as this incredible weight lifts from their shoulders. Their face relaxes and softens into a smile. And they feel better.

This practice allows us to look back at your earlier self and say, “That’s what I needed to do, that’s the person I needed to be at that time in my life. I did that, and I’ve learned from it. Now I can move on.”

Mark Twain says, “Forgiveness is the fragrance that the violet sheds on the heel that has crushed it.”