Look Polished in Just 15 Minutes

Do you think you just don’t have the “time” to get ready quickly and look polished every morning? Makeup Artist and Esthetician Meghan Hamilton joins us to share some simple steps that will create a very polished, pretty and quick look without any guess work! She says you can do one or all of these things to really pull your look together in a very short period of time--15 minutes or less!.

  1. Makeup- focus on what will be most impactful! Brows & a statement lip will give the illusion that you put much more time and energy into your look, while only taking 2-3m. These 2 areas give you the most bang for your buck!
  2. Hats- No time to wash or style your hair? There are so many cute and varied hat options these days, and finding one that looks cute on you will make everyone think you are fashion forward vs. pressed for time. Find the right shape for your face and get a few different colors!
  3. All Black Clothing- Having a few staples in your closet that are all black, make pulling your look together very simple and chic. Black leggings or jeans, with a long tunic and black booties can take all the guess work out of looking good and getting out the door on time.
  4. Accessorize- Statement jewelry adds all the flash and interest to your all black outfit, while helping you look feminine and on trend!
  5. Cute, Interesting Shoes- An all black look can really be elevated with a variety of cute, fashionable shoe options! It will tie the look together and you can go SO many different routes with bright, pastel, berry, or patterned shoe looks!

Add all these together and get the most polished, efficiently, effortlessly chic look possible in a matter of minutes!