Transition Your Beauty Routine for Fall

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Just like you update your wardrobe for Fall, do the same for your beauty routine. Meghan Hamilton, professional makeup artist & aesthetician, joined us to share a few ways to look fabulous for Fall:

  1. Pumpkin Peels: This time of year screams all things pumpkin! While you are drinking your pumpkin spice latte, why not treat your skin to the same treat? Pumpkin is an enzyme that is like gentle little PACman, eating away your dead skin and revealing the radiant skin under the surface. After summer, and sun damage this pumpkin exfoliation is the perfect remedy.
  2. Darker Hair & Bolder Lips: This time of year brings on the deeper hair colors and merlot hued lips. There are ways to make sure you aren’t washing out your lighter skin tone with darker hair & lips by making sure that everything on your face is balanced. With darker hair, you can bump up the drama on your eyes and lips, but that means a little contour on the cheeks and perfectly framed brows to help everything look polished and complete!
  3. All-Matte Everything: Liquid lips, and perfectly buffed out matte skin are the perfect way to transition into the fall trends. Liquid lips also last all day, and the ever popular makeup “baking” technique will lend perfectly to the matte skin look without leaving your skin looking crepe-y. Perfectly chic all day long!
  4. "I Woke Up Like This" Hair: Who doesn’t love saving time and energy with this fun, funky trend? Messy/ bed head is all the rage, and with salt sprays and strategic curls you can really save on time while looking right on trend.
  5. Shimmery/ Glittery Eyes: This pairs perfectly with the matte skin & lip you doing, but adding the point of interest right on your lids! Gold & Bronzy metallics compliment your merlot hued lips, and pops of glitter will really seal the day and make any ordinary day, extraordinary!