Glen Campbell's Family Shares His New Album, "Adios"

Glen Campbell's Family .jpg
Glen Campbell's Family .jpg

Legendary singer and guitarist Glen Campbell has released a gift to his fans-- his farewell album, Adiós. It caps off an extraordinary career that has spanned more than five decades and 50 million albums sold. Hailed as one of the best of his career, the album has received an incredible reaction around the world from the likes of Rolling Stone, USA Today, NPR, Billboard and many others. His wife Kim and daughter Ashley joined us to share more about the making of the album, Glen's battle with Alzheimer's and their quest to educate people about the disease.

Adiós was recorded following Campbell’s “Goodbye Tour” which he launched after revealing he had been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. As Campbell’s wife of 34 years, Kim explains in the album’s touching liner notes, “Glen’s abilities to play, sing and remember songs began to rapidly decline after his diagnosis in 2011. A feeling of urgency grew to get him into the studio once again to capture what magic was left. It was now or never.” She concludes, “What you’re hearing when listening to Adiós is the beautiful and loving culmination of friends and family doing their very best for the man who inspired, raised, and entertained them for decades – giving him the chance to say goodbye to his fans, and put an amazing collection of songs onto the record store shelves.”

Ashley, who toured with her father on his final tour, sings and plays on the record, and is following Glen’s footsteps with a career in music. Determined to honor Glen by continuing his quest to educate people about Alzheimer’s disease and the role of caregivers, Kim has made it her mission to improve the quality of life for people with dementia and their caregivers by co-founding the I’ll Be Me Alzheimer’s Fund. In 2016, she launched, a blog and lifestyle guide to provide information and inspiration to caregivers, and encourage them to care for themselves while caring for others