Sharkfest 2017

Sharkfest 2017.png
Sharkfest 2017.png

There are more than 500 species of sharks in the world, but in popular imaginations there’s really only one. Thanks to movies like Jaws, great white sharks are the ocean’s most iconic and feared fish. As their numbers continue to rise on both coasts, experts say, there's nothing to be alarmed about. Nat Geo Wild, with the help of scientist and shark experts, hopes to change the bad rap these beautiful and intelligent creatures often get. George Burgess, one of the top shark attack experts in the world, joined us to share a little about Sharkfest 2017 and how it's offering compelling insight on some of the most unique shark species in the world.

  • Sharkfest 2017
  • Weeknights at 8:00pm
  • Nat Geo Wild

For more information on Sharkfest 2017, visit the Nat Geo Wild website.