Are You SURE You Want to Post That?

      The media seems hell-bent on ruining my fun online. In just this last week, the following troubling headlines popped my social media bubble:

      * Teenage girl posts picture of cash on Facebook, family robbed within hours.
      * Facebook, Google Less Trusted Than Your Grocery Store
      * 13 People Who Got Fired For Tweeting
      * Without Social Media, 18% Of Teens Would 'Stop Communicating'
      * Fan Booted From Concert for Negative Tweet.

      With this kind of coverage, it's no wonder so many people are freaking out about what to do about Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. (And if they're not freaking out, they haven't been paying attention!)

      Sure, the media thrives on fear, and many of these cases are outliers. But the stakes are still pretty high. Your career, your reputation, your friendships are all vulnerable. In many cases, it just takes one stupid post to ruin a college career, family relationship or career opportunity.

      This book on smart social networking, is a great entry-point for stepping into the mind of a publisher. It will show you how to think about your audience, decide on what to say and what not to say. There's even a chapter that will help your career.

      So if you would like to avoid a social media disaster, take Gail's advice to heart.