But You Knew That Already

      Meet America's new psychic star, Dougall Fraser-he's the Queer Guy with the Third Eye, the Psychic in the City. America's next big clairvoyant shares insights about destiny, love, and intuition and the surprising truth about what really happens behind the scenes in the psychic industry.Crowned "Best Psychic" by the Dallas Observer, this talented clairvoyant and his hair-raising predictions have been featured on hundreds of national and local television and radio shows. In his entertaining mix of memoir, spirituality, industry expos, and psychic self-help, he'll sort out truth from fiction, hilariously uncovering the psychic trade's sleights of hand and mind. Fraser helps readers learn that they, too, have access to a whole range of psychic abilities-and he's just the one to show them the tricks of the trade.Fraser's fresh voice, irreverent humor, and dead-on predictions are destined to turn a whole new audience of would-be skeptics into willing and eager cosmic converts. Psychic Dougall Fraser is poised to become the next big, breakout author in a category of blockbuster hits.