Carry Yourself Back to Me

      Annie Walsh, who is a singer and song writer, attempts to erase the pain of a lost love. As she tries to heal from a broken heart, she is also forced to dig into the past of her troubled family. Her distant past will reveal family secrets in a desperate search for answers to a mysterious puzzle. Is Annie's brother involved in the murder, and who is trying to tear her family apart? Will the puzzle be solved in a small town murder, and who will be convicted of the crime? I hughly recommend this novel to all fiction lovers, who enjoy mystery and suspense, combined with romance. Deborah Reed created a Masterpiece of family loyalty, trust, and lasting love. The fascinating story is written in elegant prose, page-after-page. The characters come to life as the author paints a rich, tender, and delicate family portrait of regret and redemption across the generations. The story is delightful, heartwarming, and compelling as the reader craves for more.