You've heard it all before: Calorie counting is the most effective way to lose weight. You've heard it because it's true, and you're still fat because you ignored it. Lucky for you, Martin Cizmar has come up with the least awful diet plan of all time. If you're going to make a change, you might as well do it his way. The cool way. The Chubster way.

      The Chubster plan revolves around calorie counting and enjoyable "undercover" exercise (urban hiking and gum chewing: solid calorie burning potential on their own; even better together). Martin gives readers the tools to become self-sufficient weight-loss machines capable of functioning in any environment. From frozen dinners and drive-thru menus to ethnic eating and microbrews, he offers suggestions for the responsible choice, steers readers clear of the real diet-killers and dispels some long-held untruths. That Stella you're holding? It's more caloric than Guinness.

      Dieting is never fun, but with Chubster, losing weight can be.

      You're welcome.