Dedicated to the Cup

      "Life is like a great cup of coffee, full of flavor and meant to savor." That's the message behind the popular new book, "Dedicated to the Cup, Nine Ways to Reinvent a Life," by Bonnie Milletto.
      With nine chapters themed on values including, reflection, responsibility, courage, attitude, confidence, perfection, encouragement, gratitude and legacy, the book is a collection of stories from people who have prevailed through life's challenges and setbacks to lead passionate, success and engaging lives.
      From 16 years in the foster care system and being labeled an 'at-risk youth,' to a popular International Motivational Speaker and Author, Bonnie's words will inspire you and demonstrate through real-life stories how she and others have creatively reinvented their lives.

      "May these stories reach out from the page and touch you as they have touched me. It is my hope that you will see and feel our differences but also see and feel the many levels of life we all hold in common. We are all connected through the stories we share."