Emotional Vampires at Work

      DO YOU WORK WITH VAMPIRES? LEARN HOW TO PROTECT YOURSELF!Banish the bloodsuckers from your professional life

      Whether it's a coworker, subordinate, or boss, there's at least one emotional vampire in every office. These people try your patience, sap your energy, and add an entirely unhealthy dynamic to workplace productivity. The bestselling author of Emotional Vampires and Dinosaur Brains shows you how to spot and deal effectively with these dysfunctional elements in the workplace:

      ANTISOCIALS, who crave excitement in all its forms, including aggression
      If your boss or a coworker is trying to push you around . . .
      Learn that the most important battle to fight with a bully is in your own mind.

      HISTRIONICS, who believe that what it looks like is more important than what it is
      If your boss thinks any problem can be solved with a motivational seminar . . .
      Learn how to get a manager wannabe to actually manage.

      NARCISSISTS, who believe that the universe revolves around them
      If your CEO makes Louis XVI look like Gandhi . . .
      Learn techniques that diplomats have used throughout history to teach infantile monarchs to act like grown-ups.

      OBSESSIVE-COMPULSIVES, who can't seem to see the forest for the trees
      If there is absolutely no task that your boss considers too small to micromanage . . .
      Learn to be a Control-Freak Whisperer by seeing your boss's fear rather than your own irritation.

      PARANOIDS, who think they've found the simple truths that explain everything
      If you work in a place where you can't get ahead unless you drink the Kool-Aid . . .
      Learn how to recognize a toxic belief system before it poisons you.

      VAMPIRE CULTURES: when vampires get promoted to positions of power, they remake organizations in their own image . . .
      Learn the 15 warning signs that tell you to get out before sunset.