Graduate & Go

      Today's college grads are bombarded almost daily with messages suggesting their chances of landing a job, much less one they like, are bleak to non-existent. So much for Myth #1. In Graduate & Go! The College Grad's Ultimate Guide to Landing a Job You Love, Dr. Lynda Falkenstein quickly demolishes this and other destructive myths that, if taken seriously,can block even the smartest and most ardent job seekers right in their tracks. Based on the findings of a study involving more than 1000 participants, Graduate & Go! includes insightful profiles of 50+ recent college graduates - twentythirty-somethings - who are not only working but doing something they really enjoy. In their own words, they tell readers how they got their jobs or built their businesses, sharing the absolute musts and must-nots. Dr. Falkenstein describes those profiled as the "Successfuls." Nothing less than role models for other recent grads. Their stories provide concrete roadmaps and inspiration to other young adults seeking similar success. In addition to the rich role-model profiles, Graduate & Go! is filled with lists, charts, and other practical information all geared to telescoping the college grad's success in today's fiercely competitive environment.
      If you answer "yes" to any of the following points, Graduate & Go! was written just for you:
      You're worried that you're too young to get a great job; You're not sure what you really want to do; You're concerned that your college major is a sure guarantee of unemployment; You're tired of living at home with your parents; You're concerned about the fierce competition in today'[s job market; You're wondering if you should play it safe by taking the first job that comes your way; You're feeling you'll never get on top of a mountainous student loan; You're starting college and want to get your ducks in order.