Hashcapades: The Art of the Perfect Hash Adventure

      Hashcapades: The Art of the Perfect Hash Adventure is your guide to unlimited hash escapades, adulation from family and friends, and reduced carbon footprint from your leftovers.

      Inside, you'll realize that hash is more than just a can of corned beef hash. You'll discover over 30 delicious recipes for hash such as: Smoked Salmon Hash, Short Rib Hash, Sweet Potato Hash, Chicken Chipotle Hash and more.

      Create exotic hashes inspired by IndiaChicken Curry & Mustard Seed Potato Hashor Oaxaca, MexicoChicken, Chayote Hash in Mole Sauce.

      If you are a vegetarian or vegan, hash is still your friend. Just skip the meat or use a meat substitute and chop up your favorite veggies!

      The adventurous cook should understand that the amount of effort can vary from simply hashing and then frying leftovers to creating the hash from scratch with fresh, wholesome ingredients.

      Visualize your final creation. With over 50 photos, you'll be able to see what each recipe looks like and how to present it like an expert.

      Today, right now is the moment for hash to take its rightful place in your cooking repertoire without shame and most certainly with gusto and panache.