Memories of Hell, Visions of Heaven: A Story of Survival, Transformation and Hope

      Memories of Hell: Visions of heaven tells the story of a young girl who, despite a violent childhood, allows her resilient spirit to envision a world without suffering. On the Beautiful island of Saint Lucia, Esther grows up with the ugly side of human nature. Wounded, and with the odds stacked against her, Esther is "sleepwalking" through life. Recognizing that her fragmented soul seeks healing, Esther begins a journey around the world, whaere she learns to love herself again. Esther is now determined to help others find their way, from a world of continued violence, to a place of healing. This powerful testimony offers encouragement and alternatives to those trapped in the crushing grip of violence. Through the voice of a survivor, Esther teaches us how to break the cycle, and move to the incredible power of forgiveness.