Painful Blessing

      On his 51st birthday, Gordon Viggiano suffered a massive stroke, dramatically changing his and his family's lives. While he is lost in the fog of his stroke, his wife, Jill, is faced with the terrible reality of caring for her disabled husband, raising their two children, and seemingly inevitable financial ruin. The strength of their faith, marriage and family are tested. In Painful Blessing, Jill tells the story of devastating loss, hope that comes from the faith that sustains her, finding joy in their new life, and the decision to embrace recovery as both a team sport and a lifetime endeavor. "was one of the most compelling patient perspective talks that I have ever heard. " Stan Barnwell, M.D, Ph.D. OHSU "Jill made their experience relevant to our audience by sharing how the disability insurance coverage that their family had purchased made it possible for them to meet their financial obligations." Janet Schober The Standard "I heard from a number of the members of the group after you all left (as many stayed another hour or so) and they loved it, especially the parallels of the presentation to business life and personal life." John Friess Starve Ups "Your story is a window into what others may be experiencing and how critical is the need for compassionate, competent healthcare." Mark Charpentier Kaiser Permanente "The Viggiano story - is truly amazing and inspiring." Chris McReynolds Wellsource "...and the discipline and drive you have shown in the face of profound adversity showed us all that with great effort, great accomplishments are possible." Randy Weber Zapproved "You could have heard a pin drop in the room. Folks were so riveted by the experience." Sharon Soliday The Hello Foundation