Sing Free Now

      This is a book for anyone who has ever dreamed of singing better: shower singers, choir singers, karaoke singers, professional singers or people who don't consider themselves singers at all. An immensely talented singer himself, Mark Bosnian will help you move through your fears and inhibitions and show how, with proper training, ANYONE can sing with freedom and confidence. Singing is the most accessible art form and Bosnian shows you how to create art with your voice through step-by-step instructions - using diagrams, illustrations, exercises and audio tracks. This captivating and informative book walks you through the 3 Steps to developing a clear, strong voice, how to harness the energy flowing through your body to confidently control your voice, and how to overcome problems that may block this crucial energy flow. Bosnian uses a reassuring tone to guide you through the three pillars of good singing - what he calls The Big 3 Vocal Principles: support, resonation and registration. Sing Free Now! will appeal to beginning singers looking to get a start on singing and vocal training , as well as veteran singers looking to advance, strengthen and maintain their voice.