Success by the Numbers

      If you have been confused about your life's purpose, your work direction, or your business focus, be prepared to gain clarity! Using the 2500-year-old principles of Business Numerology, best-selling author Marcia Bench presents this guidebook to your success and fulfillment. Find out what no other experts have told you about how numerology can reveal and predict your success, one number at a time!Success by the Numbers describes:

      • What Business Numerology is and how it can help you

      • The 11 Inspired Success Paths™ - and which one is yours

      • The traits and traps of each Path and its variations, what it's like to be expressed or suppressed, and the jobs or business types best suited to it

      • The real reason behind mid-life business or career change - and how to embrace it

      • The 3 biggest barriers to success - and how to overcome them

      • How to choose your business name, product names and more using numerology

      • How to make critical business or work shifts at the ideal time according to your numerology profile

      • How to choose staff using numerology so that team members are productive and fulfilled