Swim Without Sharks

      Who knows how many actually happen? These occured unprovoked because people simply were not aware of sharks in the area. So... welcome to the first ever and only Guide to beaches in the world with no sharks! Here is everything you need to help you plan your next vacation, prepare for a water sport, or relax knowing your loved ones are in a safe body of water. You can check out actual beaches that have never had a shark attack or even a well-documented shark sighting. The ocean is open and technically, a shark can swim anywhere, but in reality, it only goes where its food is. And that is not everywhere. For example, if you Google "sharks in Florianopolis, Brazil" you will discover there has never been a shark attack there, or even a well-documented shark sighting. We don't list any places with so much as a well-documented sighting since a sighting could lead to a future encounter. That is how we define a zone to be "shark free." We researched each and every popular surf spot in the world to bring you this directory, which also has very helpful practical life saving information such as: what to do should you encounter a shark, how to minimize attracting sharks, as well as environmental issues. This Guide is NOT: A directory of how to locate a surf spot. We tell you where to go, we don't tell you how to get there. Just as in surfing, if you can't paddle yourself to the outside wave, you have no business being there. But it's all good because every surf spot we list is locatable online and easy to locate. This is also why we don't rate the wave or describe the surf break like or Does that sound fair? Why go with this Guide? There is nothing else out there like it. We are the first and only Comprehensive Guide (directory) to shark attack-free Destinations of the World. We list over 50 countries with an average of 10 safe and fun surf spots in every country-over 500 destinations to improve your technique!