The Resume Coloring Book

      We'll show you how with these simple tools:

      o 6 simple colored blocks that will get you a confidence building resume!

      o A 3-sentence formula for a great professional summary that keeps your reader engaged.

      o How to develop one sentence to make your core competencies jump off the page.

      o How to find and use keywords that will magnetize employers!

      o A simple 3-step formula for writing resume sentences that you'll feel proud to put on your resume.

      o How to customize your resume so that it speaks directly to the employer you want to attract!

      o No more list of "tasks" on your resume! How to showcase your experience with strong, quantitative evidence instead.

      o Figure out where exactly to put your education credentials!

      And, you get these essential bonuses!

      o Templates for your cover letter, so that it has the look and feel of your newly beautified resume. (P.S. It won't hurt your head to write it, either!)

      o Matching template for your Professional References, so they're ready to leave when you really want the job, and when the employer is ready to check you out!

      o Template for your Interview Leave Behind, which shows the employer how exactly you are a perfect match for the talent they need and helps you close the deal!