The Scorned Wife

      Elle Zober is the scorned and slightly bitter mother-of-two who, after finding out about her ex-husband's affair with a yoga-loving 22 year old, used it as a quirky marketing campaign to sell the family home. Much to her surprise, it became an overnight internet and media sensation. Although her ex was supportive of the sign and even paid towards its creation, there is an untold side to this story not mentioned in Elle's countless press and TV interviews. While hers is a story that is not unique, it is Elle's response to her situation that brought her the media attention and rave reviews of people around the world. Her website has attracted over two million viewers and her blog, "The Scorned & Slightly Bitter Blog", has a growing readership of over 15,000 regular readers per month. Learn why Whoopi Goldberg described herself as Elle's "biggest fan". See why Jeff Probst, host of Survivor, called Elle "a hero". Come and see how, when life and the man she loved gave her lemons, she made vodka. This is Elle's story.