The Sexy Vegan's Happy Hour at Home

      What started as a casual weekly tradition at the Patton household resulted in these twenty delectably diverse happy hour menus. From yamburger sliders, samosa pizzas, and green bean fries to rigatoni poppers and a variety of innovative cocktails, this is seriously fun food for Friday or any night!

      Wow your friends! Impress your family! Woo that special someone who might need a little convincing of your specialness! Open The Sexy Vegan's Happy Hour at Home and:

      * learn the ninja time-management skills of professional chefs to whip up snacking feasts in about an hour
      * make your produce procurement easier with handy-dandy premade shopping lists
      * concoct unique potent potables and lovable libations
      * travel the world without leaving your balcony, from Little India to New New England to Really Little Italy
      * fill your belly with fabulous food that's free of your furry friends