In a biography of unprecedented depth, Randall Sullivan examines the life and death of Michael Jackson.

      Beginning with his final departure from Neverland, Untouchable takes readers through Jackson's final years, as he shuttled around the world to recapture his wealth and reputation with a comeback album and rehearsals for a planned series of fifty mega-concerts. Sullivan also delves deep into Jackson's past, and the man that emerges is both naive and deeply cunning, a devoted father whose parenting decisions created international outcry, a shrewd businessman whose failures nearly brought down a megacorporation, and an inveterate narcissist who wanted more than anything a quiet, normal life. Sullivan has never-before-reported information about Jackson's business dealings and the pedophilia allegations that irreparably marked his reputation, and exclusive access to inner-circle figures including Jackson's former attorneys and managers. Untouchable is a remarkable portrait of Michael Jackson, a man of uncountable contradictions who continues to reign as the King of Pop.