Berry Balsamic Reduction

      Berry Balsamic Reduction from Who Wants Seconds? by Jennie Cook

      Prep time: 10 minutes
      Cooking time: 25 minutes
      Makes about 2 cups
      1 1/2 cups blackberries
      2 cups balsamic vinegar
      1 cup Port or Cabernet
      1 cup sugar
      Rinse blackberries and combine with vinegar, wine, and sugar in a saucepan, stainless steel preferred. Cook over medium heat until reduced by half, about 20 minutes, smashing the blackberries while cooking to make the most of their flavor. Remove from heat and strain the sauce through a sieve to remove the seeds. Return to the pan and cook an additional 5 minutes or so, until it has the consistency of maple syrup. The reduction will thicken as it cools, so be careful not to overcook. The sauce can be thinned with more vinegar or water should it get too thick. Store in a squeeze bottle or clean jar; it will keep in the refrigerator for month.