Fried Quinoa Skillet Breakfast

      Here's the recipe:

      Fried Quinoa 3-Minute Power Breakfast

      1/2 cup precooked quinoa
      2 cups raw spinach
      2 eggs
      2 TBSP uncooked breakfast sausage
      chili paste
      black pepper
      olive oil

      Heat your frying pan. (NOTE: You are going to use your frying pan in three sections to make this meal.)
      In one third of the pan, brown the sausage. In another third, add a little olive oil to coat the area and fry your two eggs.
      When the eggs whites begin to cook, roughly 'scramble' the eggs in their place and continuing cooking; at the same time, stir sausage so it browns on all sides.
      Once your egg is cooked, add a little olive oil to the third section of your pan and add cooked quinoa. (Spread quinoa into a thin layer.)
      Toss the quinoa just a little in it's place, then stir all ingredients in the pan together. Add the raw spinach, a drizzle of soy sauce, and continue to stir just until the spinach is wilted. Toss with chili paste and black pepper... enjoy!