Grilling Corn on the Cob

      4 ears of sweet corn
      Carefully open the corn and remove the silk without removing the husk. Place the husk back to its original position.
      Tie the husk back in place with string.
      Soak the corn with water. Make sure the string is soaked thoroughly so as not to burn. This process will make the corn steam while cooking.
      Place corn on upper rack on grill. Rotate with tongs two or three times. Corn should be on grill around 12-14 minutes.
      If you wish your corn to have a real grilled look pull the husk back and tie with string to make a handle. Place the corn on the bottom rack on the direct heat (medium). Rotate as needed. Baste with melted butter.
      8-12 minutes.
      Caution; beware of flare ups.
      Just a note here. If using a grill you are not familiar with, you might consider grilling on medium high. Each grill has hot spots. If the grill has three burners use only two and keep a cool area to pull meat or vegetables off of the heat if needed. It will take a bit longer to finish but your food will not be charred to a crisp.