Grilling T-Bone Steaks

      4- T-bone steaks about 1 inch thick. (12oz)
      Salt and Pepper
      Worcestershire Sauce (Lea and Perrins)
      Steak Rub (optional)
      Olive oil

      Pre heat grill to high
      4-6 minutes per side for medium rare
      Place steaks on a platter and let warm to room temperature. Season steaks with salt and pepper or your favorite rub. Season both sides evenly.
      Brush grill grate with olive oil prior to placing steak on grill.
      Place steak on grill. After two minutes; brush about 1 teaspoon of Worcestershire on each steak. Finish grilling bottom side, (about 4 more minutes).
      Flip the steak and repeat the process. One minute before the steak is finished spread a small amount of butter on the steak. When the butter is melted flip the steak and let stay on the grill for about 30-45 seconds more. This will cause the steak to sizzle. Caution your grill will probably flame up a bit at this point.
      Remove the steaks and let them rest for 1-2 minutes before serving.
      This same recipe will work for Rib Eyes or other cuts.