Oregon Blueberry Sabayon


      • 4 cups Oregon Blueberries

      • 8 egg yolks

      • 3/4 cup sugar

      • 1 vanilla bean or 2 to 3 teaspoons pure vanilla extract

      • 1 cup Moscato d'Asti or other sparkling white wine

      • pinch of salt


      1. Combine yolks and sugar in a glass bowl and whisk until frothy.

      2. Place bowl on pot of simmer hot water and slowly wisk in the Moscato and salt, simmering water until thickened, about 10 min.

      3. Place fresh blueberries in a shallow flan bowl. Top with sabayon and a few more blueberries.

      4. Pre-heat oven broiler and brown sabayon.

      5. Dust with powder sugar. and serve immediately