Oregon Blueberry Tabouli Salad

      Oregon Blueberry Tabouli Salad With Pink Shrimp

      Bulgar Cracked Wheat..1 cup
      Water, Hot1 1/2 cups
      Oregon Blueberries.2 cups
      Lemon Juice.1/4 cup
      Olive Oil1/4 cup
      Parsley, chopped..1 cup
      Mint, Chopped.....1 cup
      Cucumber, Diced.2 cups
      Tomato, Diced..2 cups taste
      Pepperto taste
      Oregon Pink Shrimp1 cup

      In a bowl pour Hot water on bulgar and let soften for 1 hour.
      Add all other ingredients except shrimp and mix well.
      Serve with Pita if desired.