Salmon Ceviche with Apricot

      Ceviche de Salmon con Albaricoque
      This recipe courtesy of Andina Restaurant


      • Salmon

      • Red onion

      • Habaero pepper

      • Cilantro

      • Limes

      • Garlic cloves

      • Celery stocks

      • Ginger root

      • Yam

      • Butter lettuce

      • Ear of corn

      • Kosher salt

      • Ice

      • Cucumber

      • Rice Vinegar

      • Sugar

      • Apricot Puree

      • Dried Apricots

      • Candied Ginger

      • Cancha (Peruvian corn)

      Begin by shucking the corn. Bring a pot of water to a medium boil and add the corn and the yam. Once the kernels are soft the corn is done. Place the corn into an ice bath and let cool. Then slice the corn into one inch thick discs. The yam is done when a skewer will pass through with a slight resistance. Let the yam cool then remove the skin. Next, cut the yam into quarter inch thick discs.
      Slice the cucumber with a peal so as to create long ribbons. Mix the sugar, rice vinegar and water together. Add the cucumber ribbons and let marinate for 10 minutes.
      Squeeze the limes and stain the juices. Place the juices into a blender. De-seed and de-vein the habaeros. Place half of one into the blender. As thinly as possible, julienne the remaining pieces and reserve. Peal the garlic cloves and put into the blender. Cut the root and stalk ends off the onions. Next, cut the onion in half from top to bottom and remove the peal. Then remove the heart of the onion and place it in the blender. Thinly julienne the remaining outer layers of the onion and reserve it in ice water. Chiffonade the cilantro and reserve in a bowl topped with a wet paper towel. With a spoon, scrape off the peal of the ginger. Roughly chop the ginger and place into the blender. Roughly cop the celery and place into the blender. If necessary remove the skin from the salmon. Next, remove any sinewy pieces of the meat and place into the blender. Dice the cleaned filet of salmon into half inch cubes and reserve. Next, add the ice and the salt to the blender. Cover the blender and blend the mixture for thirty seconds. Then add two generous pinches of the chiffonade cilantro. Pulse blend the mixture three times. Strain the mixture, called "Leche de Tigre", through a fine sieve or chinois. Reserve the "Leche de Tigre". Try the "Leche de Tigre" to determine the amount of spice and salt. This is important to know so you can season your ceviche correctly.
      In a bowl mix the diced salmon, two pinches of the cilantro and a pinch of salt. Next, add the habaero to taste, depending on amount of spice desired. Remember to taste the "Leche de Tigre" first to determine the additional amount of spice you would like to add. Next, remove the onions from the water and place into the bowl. Add the candied ginger and dried apricots. Add two pinches of salt to the mixture and begin to massage it with your fingers. Mix the ingredients well without bruising the salmon. Then add the "Leche de Tigre" and apricot puree. Mix well for two minutes. Taste and add more salt if necessary.
      To plate, place the ceviche in the middle of a bowl and wrap with the pickled cucumber. Garnish with a leaf of butter lettuce, candied ginger, cancha, one disc of corn and yam.