Zucchini Carpaccio

      Zucchini Carpaccio from The Real Food Cookbook by Nina Planck

      1 clove garlic
      1/4 c olive oil
      1 lb young zucchini
      1/2 c pine nuts
      1/4 lb Pecorino Romano or Parmigiano-Reggiano
      black pepper

      1. Smash the garlic and let it rest in the olive oil for about 20 minutes.
      2. Peel the zucchini, leaving small strips of green or yellow skin for some color. Discard most of the skin. For shorter ribbons, first cut each zucchini in half. Continue to peel the zucchini, creating thin ribbons of flesh, until you get down to the seeds. If the seeds are small, the shavings from the core are tender and tasty.
      3. Remove the garlic from the oil and toss the zucchini with just enough oil to coat it lightly.
      4. In a dry skillet, toast the pine nuts until they're just golden. Remove them from the hot pan.
      5. Grate the cheese in thin ribbons like the zucchini.
      6. Arrange the zucchini in a heap. Top it with the pine nuts, the cheese, and a grind of black pepper. Serve immediately at room temperature.