Denim Do's & Don'ts

The right pair of jeans can make you look and feel like a million bucks....but how do you find that perfect pair? Fashion Stylist Kami Gray stopped by to share her Denim Do's & Don'ts.

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Be patient: You will not go home with a great fitting pair of jeans if you're only willing to try on a few pairs. Give yourself an hour and try on at least 20 different pairs and hopefully, you will go home with one great fitting pair of jeans.

Keep it clean: Avoid whisker-washing, distressing, bleaching, and adornments. They draw attention to places like your thighs and backside. Instead, look for dark denim that's solid from top to bottom.

Wear the right shoes: Shoes make or break the look. Skinny jeans worn with flats are great if you're tall and thin with long legs. For the other 90% of us, flats are a million times better with a pair of straight jeans that aren't nearly as tapered at the ankle,. Tapering at the ankle makes your thighs look bigger and your hips look wider so wear skinny jeans with a more substantial shoe, like boots or a heel that isn't too delicate. You want to bring some weight to the bottom to minimize your hips.

Kami: Chic & Effortless -- I live in skinny jeans because they are so comfortable and easy to dress up. Again, the key to the skinny jean look is the right footwear. Boots or a substantial shoe work best. Look for a skinny jean that's high-waisted because they smooth you out in the midsection and eliminate the dreaded muffin top. I like to wear a body-skimming tunic with my skinny jeans so I'm a little less exposed and top with it with a blazer or cardigan. Accessorize with a scarf, a chunky cuff and/or a pair of earrings and you're good to go.

Kaitlin: Classic & Colorful -- Colored denim is back and I predict that it's here to stay. Kaitlin is wearing straight denim. Straights aren't as tapered at the ankle as skinny jeans so a pair of ballet flats are just the item to pull the look together while still being super comfortable. On top she's got a simple v-neck pullover with a bright scarf. It doesn't get much easier to pull off this classic, but updated look.

Karen: Flirty & Flattering -- The bootcut jean is often the most flattering of all. Again, the right shoes are essential and you'll create a far more slimming silhouette if you wear some heels. Fortunately, the heels I've chosen for Karen are a comfort brand with Italian styling. These days you don't have to sacrifice style for comfort. On top, choose a top with a bold color or fun print and top with a more neutral blazer or flowy cardigan.

Kaitlin: Edgy & Cool -- This time we've cuffed Kaitlin's jeans and swapped the flats out for a pair of peep toed booties. A flowy blouse completes the outfit and we polish it off with a pair of feather-inspired earrings. The look is on trend and youthful, but still edgy and cool.