What is AM Northwest's email address?

What is AM Northwest's address?

AM Northwest

2153 NE Sandy Blvd.

Portland, OR 97232

I have a great idea for an AM Northwest guest. How can I submit it?

Just send an email to, fax us at 503-231-4626 or mail us at:

Story Idea

AM Northwest

2153 NE Sandy Blvd.

Portland, OR 97232

Be specific why would this make great TV? What's visual about it? And why would other AM Northwest viewers want to know more? Also please let us know contact phone numbers or emails so we can easily get in touch with the right person.

How can I purchase a video tape of AM Northwest?

You'll need to contact one of the local dubbing services:

Moba Media 503-223-1677

Portland Media Monitor 503-591-5600

Please note, these businesses do charge a fee.

How can I be in the AM Northwest audience?

We have a live audience on Fridays and it's FREE! All we ask of you is an hour and a half of your day (8:30-10am) and your enthusiasm. Call 503-231-4610 or send an email to Let us know a Friday or two that work for you along with how many people would like to attend. We'll call you back to confirm. We also place your name on a list, so there's no need for tickets. Just sign in when you arrive.

How can my non-profit organization get a free 30 second on-air annoucement?

On Fridays we invite non-profit organizations, schools and charity groups to air a FREE 30-second promotional announcement on our show in exchange for bringing 15 people to sit in our studio audience. If you're interested please call our AM Northwest at 503-231-4610 or email for more information.

Where do I park when I come to AM Northwest?

The studios are located at 2153 N.E. Sandy Blvd. and you can park anywhere along most of the nearby streets just be aware a few blocks are marked "30-minute parking." Also, do not park in the paved lot to the west of KATU. It's a monthly "pay-to-park" lot and you will be towed.

What time should I arrive to see AM Northwest?

Audience members should arrive by 8:30am. Suggested dress: business casual attire. Please no costumes.

Are there age restrictions to being in the AM Northwest audience?

Anyone can come to the AM Northwest audience, however we ask that if you bring children they're old enough to sit through an hour-long, live television show without being disruptive. Please be aware that our show is given a TV rating of PG and we cannot guarantee the content of the show will be appropriate for all children.

How do I submit a birthday announcement?

You can email us from the website through the "contact us" link or email us directly at Please make sure to put "birthday" in the subject line. You can also send it through the mail to our address: Birthday c/o AMNW, 2153 NE Sandy Blvd. Portland, OR 97232.

When are the birthdays announced?

On weekdays when AMNW airs, the birthday is announced close to the end of the show at 9:56am. During the weekend, when AMNW does not air, the birthday is announced on the morning news between 7:45-7:55am and 8:45-8:55am.

Can I send in a photo with my birthday announcement?

We only air the pictures of our "first" birthdays. We encourage you to send a photo with your submission. Other photos will not be shown on air.